Dice Assembly Division

  • Over 100 numbers of bonding / soldering machines
  • 200 well and experienced worker in 3 groups for there different shifts
  • 20 skilful QC persons for each group

Due to the lack of consistent international criteria for brightness measurement, a direct comparison of brightness data among different references is given. Because each of the LED Die could have different value of forward voltage VF and luminous intensity IV, two sorting operations are conducted in the manufacturing process. The first one is conducted before the LED dice are selected to be used for each production lot. In this process, LED Dice are chosen in a macro extent to ensure that the forward voltage and luminous intensity variations in such lots are minimal. Consequently, the brightness variation for each device is minimized to an extent which is not significant to the human-eyes' visual effect. The second sorting is conducted after the LED Devices are fully assembled. during this process, the brightness of each device is measured and then sorted in a micro extent by BIN grade.

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